Welcome to HealthOU!

SNMA tshirt from UCCOM.

Welcome to HealthOU.

I”m excited that you’ve come to check us out.  The official launch for the blog is not for another few weeks as we do the final preparations to make this site valuable to all who will view it.

It is our goal to be a source of support for Oakwood students past and present who are navigating through the medical profession.  We have long had the reputation of being “one of the top 10 undergraduate institutions to get African Americans into medical school”, but we can and should strive to do even better.   This site will provide support, networking opportunities, and practical advice on how to successfully enter AND complete professional education in the field of healthcare.

Our focus will not be limited to medical and dental school. We hope to provide information about the variety of options that exist in healthcare that are outside of those fields.

We are blessed to have an amazing network of medical professionals who once called Oakwood home, and so, we hope to tap into that immensely valuable resource; all in an effort to increase the number of minorities in healthcare and ultimately to bring glory to God through the ministry of healing.

Thank you for your interest and continued support.


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