A message for you.

( Taken from Morning Rounds, Daily devotional stories, Sept 28.  Written by Paul Y. Chung, LLUSM class of 1991)

Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Phil 1: 6

It was crunch time and I was desperate.  My performance on the first set of exams was dismal.  Now it was the day before our second set of exams and I was feeling hopeless.  I had studied as hard as  I could, but it was still not good enough.  College was not difficult for me…But medical school was different.  The sheer volume of information to learn prevented cramming for tests.

So here it was the night before out second set of exams and I felt as if I were going to fail.  As I sat at my desk praying for wisdom and God’s grace to help me through, a song came to mind.  It talked about God beginning a good work and being faithful to complete it.  As the melody kept playing in my mind, I tried to find the Bible verse that inspired the lyrics.  I needed to claim its promise so I could be confident of my success the next day.  …The verse showed me that God did not bring me all the way to medical school to let me fail.  He not only brought me here, but He is also faithful to complete it!  Of course, I had to do my part, but there was no longer any despair.  I had confidence that He would help me succeed.  The  next day, my exams went well.

During my first year of ophthalmology residency, I felt lost again.  There was so much information to assimilate and everyone else seemed to learn it much faster than I did.  Then, that verse came to me again., He who began a good work in you…”  God and brought me into this resideny and he would be faithful to help me succeed.  With his assurance, I was able to settle down and study hard knowing that, eventually, I would learn what I need to know.  Today, I am happily working in a Christian ophthalmology practice.

Stressful situations still come up periodically, but I know God will help me through them all.  We are not meant for failure here.  He will be faithful to give us the courage, wisdom and endurance necessary to complete our tasks until the day of Jesus Christ.  May the promise of Phillipians 1:6 always stay close to you in whatever difficulties you may encounter.  Our only job is to faithfully remain close to Jesus.


4 Responses to A message for you.

  1. Trudy-Ann Frazer says:

    I really appreciate this post. It gives me hope that God will bring me through my 3rd yr of dental school. May God continue to be with you. Please continue to post inspirational testimonies :).

  2. HealthOU says:

    Trudy Ann, glad this post could be helpful to you. We will definitely continue to keep the information and inspiration going as we all take this journey through medicine. Good luck with the rest of dental school! You can do it!!!!

  3. gigi says:

    This was very good, thanks for inspiration, please continue to post.

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