The Journey to Medical School: Item #2: Vision

October 24, 2011

Hello Everyone

I hope you enjoyed and were blessed by my last post! I am currently a first year med student at Loma Linda University (raises hands in praise). My journey to medical school has been exciting, difficult, fun, stressful, and character building all at the same time. Along the way, I mentally picked up and developed tools I knew would help me be successful in medical school. Now as a medical student, I have already used these items packed away in my medical school bag. Each post I would like to share with you one item you need to pack your medical school bag with. Prayerfully, by the time you are accepted, you will already have everything you need to be successful in the next step of your journey.


I vividly recall my interview with the Loma Linda Dean of Admissions during my junior year. I had semi-prepared for the interview but assured myself I would make a good impression anyhow. I suppose I had briefly gone over in my mind possible questions he could ask, such as, “Tell me about yourself?” or “Why are you interested in our school?”

The interview began and was going well, until he asked ‘the question’, “Tell me why you want to be a doctor?” I scrambled and searched the recesses of my brain to come up with an acceptable answer. All I could say was the generic, cookie-cutter answer, “Um, I always knew medicine was for me and it is a way for me to help people.” I hoped that would fly, but… it didn’t. He came back with a follow question, “Well, why become a doctor and not another health care worker? They all help people.” I thought to myself, “That’s a good point. Now what do I say?” I was embarrassed and babbled my way through a less than adequate answer. It became clear to me that I lacked a vision. I was immediately taken back to a familiar verse found in Proverbs 29:18 which states, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” I had no idea why or if God wanted me to become a physician. Worse than that, if I had made it into medical school with no vision, I would mentally and spiritually perish.

Obtaining a God-given vision is so crucial to the medical school application process I was asked on every medical school interview why I wanted to become a doctor. It wasn’t until I went canvassing after my junior did I receive my God-given vision. It became so clear to me as I ministered to physically and spiritually ill individuals through the distribution of literature; why God had called me to the profession of Medicine. I heeded the advice found in Habkkuk 2:2, which says, “Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.” Immediately, I penned my vision masked as my personal statement and “ran with it,” trusting that God will make His vision for me come to fruition. This vision became the 2nd item packed in my med school bag and has been so key to my spiritual and mental sanity.

Now, as a medical student, I realize the true importance of a vision. It has been an item I constantly pull out of my medical school bag in challenging times. This vision serves as the lens through which I see past the difficulties placed before me on my medical school journey. Because God’s vision for my life has placed into focus the end result of serving Him through medicine, I can worry less about obstacles along the way. You, too, can have the same peace of mind. If you haven’t received God’s vision for your life, Do not worry J Just be purposeful in asking God for that Vision. Once you receive it, run with it; for it will give you the strength you need alon the way.. May God bless and keep you, as I know He will, and give you His vision for your life.

Look out for the next item to be discussed soon. I wish you all the best 

 ~ KeAndrea “Kiki” Titer