Hooray!!! Over 1000 views!!!!

November 8, 2011

So, for the past week, as my mind has been fried and ready for vacation, my current distraction has been trolling the stats for the HealthOU blogsite.  🙂  Last week I checked and there were almost 900 views, and now, rather than read about listeriosis for tomorrow I checked and ….(drum roll please) 1008!!!  And in just over 2 months! I’m so excited even more than I thought I would be.  This project is a “baby” of mine and I am thankful to have an audience that appreciates or at least reads the posts.  My hope is that I will be given the appropriate platform to advise and mentor motivated pre-professional students and that I’ll do an effective job.

Until then, please continue to check out our posts and please please please let us know if there’s anything you wanna know more about or how HealthOU can help you specifically on your journey to success.  Also, special thanks and appreciation to Natacha Pierre and KeAndrea Titer who blog once a month and bring their personal perspectives to the project.

Thanks and happy reading  (now back to work, to keep bringing you valuable info, and reading about listeria somewhere in there)