Motivation Through Music

December 5, 2011

As finals week gets underway, you may have to put in some long hours and late nights to ensure that all assignments are taken care of and that you are prepared to ace your finals. Like you, I”ve been there, and during my toughest days, one of the things that helped me get by was music.

Music is one of the most powerful agents  in the world.  It has the power to evoke intense emotions, both positive or negative. During medical school, music definitely came in handy in lifting my mood, especially during late night study sessions. I can’t remember studying for a pathology or pharmacology test without getting a little bit of a boost from Yolanda Adam’s : Victory, blasting from the laptop of one of  my three study partners.  He would always seem to put that song on at the right time too – like at 2:30 am when I couldn’t bear to memorize  one more drug card or look another slide. The words of that song  “I’ve got / got the victory/ I’ve got the sweet sweet victory in Jesus /, would remind me that God would see my through.   Then on test day, as I drove in to campus, Mary Mary’s : “I just Can’t Give Up Now”  would resonate in my head for my 20 minute commute.  During our Match Day ceremony, when your name is called to come down and find out where you’re doing your residency, they play a little snippett of a song as you walk down.  People often choose something funny, or pick out a song with lyrics that represent them. My snippett came from  It Ain’t Over by Maurette Brown Clark, as a testimony to the God’s leading in my journey to that point.

I encourage you to have  mental  / actual playlist of motivational tunes for tough days, when you feel like your strength is spent and you just can’t make it.   Music is in no way a replacement for the promises in God’s word, but simply a reminder that points us back to God and His abiliy to specialize in things impossible.

What are your favorite songs for when your academic spirit needs a little boost?   Check out three of my personal favorites below.