God has you right where you’re supposed to be

As long as you find yourself right in the middle of His hands, you will be alright.

In case you were wondering why things aren’t working out quite as planned, remember:  God has you right where you’re supposed to be.   Life often will not work out according to our schedule, but ultimately God’s will and purpose for your life will be achieved.   I have seen this fact to be true, both in my life and that of those around me, (even in the life of our own medical student blogger, Natacha).

I started medical school in 2005, but did not apply to the Match until 2010.  What seemed like a delay, was just another example of God’s orchestrating power in my life. The things I learned about life and myself, and most importantly God’s ability to provide for my needs far outweigh being done with residency a year early.  The relationships I have made with the residents who I started with; (one year late) are some of the most valuable relationships that I have had thus far in my life.  During my interview season; (one year late)  I happened upon one of the most beautiful, genuine, effortless relationships I have ever formed in my life.  And through that friendship I have seen God work His own orchestrating  magic in her own life, by things that on the surface seemed like  delays.

When I was submitting my rank list for residency, I was sold on one particular hospital and quickly ranked it as my number one choice.  The city was quaint and beautiful.  The pay was good, cost of living was cheap, the hospital was nice, the perks were fantastic and there was a BMW plant nearby and for some reason I thought that meant I’d be able to find a cheap one 🙂   My interview had gone well and I felt like I had a pretty good chance of getting in there.  Then Match Day came.  (By then, I had actually changed my mind, and didn’t want to be that place anymore, but it was too late, because my rank list had already been submitted.)  I was sure I would end up there  because the interview had gone very well.  As my name was called to open my envelope, I nervously fumbled with the tape that sealed the flap and unwrapped the sheet that would determine my fate for the next 3 years.  That place I had wanted so bad, wasn’t on it,  I had gotten my second choice. On the surface it seemed like I had gotten second best, but God’s timing and choosing is perfect!

We have to trust that God knows what we have need of and remember that He is equipped to provide accordingly!  We have to trust that He wants the best for us. We have to remember that he knows the end from the beginning and thus He is not confined by our human concept of time and when things “should” happen.  So, while today may seem grim, and while your dreams may seem like they are ever so far from your reach; trust me, and most importantly trust God, that He will bring you to the place you were meant to be, in the time you were meant to be there.  The plans He has for you are better than any dream you could conjure up for yourself.  Trust Him and ask for His guidance.  Ask Him to help you to trust him.  Ask Him for peace as you wait for Him to show you what direction He is leading you in.

If you live and wait long enough, you will soon see that what seems to be a disappointment was God’s orchestrating power at work to give you something better.


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