Love and Medicine – Danny and Lauren

Continuing with our Love and Medicine Series, today we feature alums Daniel  Bedney (Class of 2008) and Lauren Pedersen-Buck (Class of 2007).

HealthOU: Can you guys tell our HealthOU family a little bit about yourselves.

Lauren: I am from Port Orange, Florida. I graduated from Oakwood in 2007 (when it was still Oakwood College!), where I majored in Biology. I am currently a fourth year medical student at Loma Linda University. I’m going into the amazing specialty of Family Medicine. I’m not sure if I will specialize but I’m very interested in women’s health and adolescent medicine.

Danny: I’m from Berrien Springs, Michigan. I graduated from Oakwood University in 2008, majored in Biology and minored in Chemistry. I’m also in my fourth year of medical school at Loma Linda and am pursuing a career in Family Medicine, sub-specializing in Sports Medicine.

HealthOU: How did you guys meet?

We officially met in 2008 during our first year of med school. Between graduating from Oakwood and starting med school I (Lauren) did a one year post-bac program at Loma Linda and that’s how we ended up in the same class for med school.

HealthOU: Were you guys friends at Oakwood?

Lauren: That’s a funny question. Danny and I had one class together at Oakwood; Biochemistry. All I remember is that he was this loud person that sat in the back of the class. He always had something to say! I thought he was stuck up because he was in Aeolians. To be honest, most of my friends were in the same class as me and I did not really know many underclassmen. So I guess the answer is, no, we were not friends at Oakwood.

Danny: No we were not friends at Oakwood. Supposedly we had one class together, I thought we had more, but Lauren pointed out to me that we only had Biochem together. We were in different circles. I knew who she was but I didn’t know her.

HealthOU: How did you make that transition from being friends to now being in a relationship?  

Danny: First I think it’s important to understand we were really good friends throughout medical school. For the first couple years of med school she was in a relationship and I was in different relationships which allowed us to be strictly platonic. Obviously, those relationships did not last. One of my good friends said I should date Lauren but I didn’t want to because I valued our friendship and didn’t know how she would feel about it. Then I thought about it more and I asked myself why wouldn’t I want to be in a relationship with my best friend? So I took her out to eat one night and I brought it up, she was open to it, and the rest is history.

Lauren: I agree with everything Danny said. The transition was a little tricky in my opinion because I have never dated anyone that I was that good of friends with. But it is nice to be with someone who already knew so much about me!

HealthOU: What do you think are some of the pros and cons of dating someone in medicine?

Pros: The biggest pro is that the other person is able to understand what you’re going through because they are going through the same thing! Medical school can be a stressful time and it’s nice to be around someone that understands how you feel. If you are in the same class you can study together if that works for you. And you can share books which saves money! If you decide to get married you can pay off those loans faster too.

Cons: You are both busy so you may not get to spend much time together. In a relationship things aren’t always perfect one hundred percent of the time. Sometimes the added stress of medical school can create tension in a relationship.

HealthOU: The couples we’ve featured thus far for the Love and Medicine series didn’t go to school together, did you guys feel like you saw each other all the time? 

Throughout medical school we have been very good friends. We ran in the same circle so we definitely spent lots of time together socially and studying for exams and such. Then, our third year we were on the same rotation schedule so we definitely saw each other way more than if we had not been placed on the same schedule. That year we also both moved to the same apartment complex (that was not planned!) and currently live within walking distance of each other. This is helpful when we are on really time consuming rotations because we can still visit with each other without the hassles of having to drive a long way.

HealthOU: What’s next for you guys ?

Well, the main thing is we are waiting for Match Day, March 16th! We recently submitted our rank order list. We are couples matching so we will be attending the same residency program. Then of course there is graduation and all of the planning that goes with that. We recently took our senior portraits which really made all of this feel so real! We are trying to spend as much time as possible with our friends before graduation. As for us as a couple, the plan is to continue our relationship into residency and see where the Lord leads us!


Special thanks to Lauren and Danny for sharing their experience with us!  Best of luck with the Match!


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