Plan B – Part Two

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”-Jeremiah 29:11


A few posts ago, we gave you Plan B – Part One, where we went over the three most common options that exist for enhancing one’s academic record in preparation for reapplication to medical or dental school. In Part Two, we’ll cover some other important tips for your Plan B year.

1.  GAIN VALUABLE WORK EXPERIENCE: While working at Express might get you sweet discount  (look out for a post on working while premed soon), it might be more valuable for you to increase your exposure to medicine, as this is an increasingly important part of the application to medical / dental school.   Check out area medical / dental offices to see if they have any positions available? Contact family members, church members, friends and find a professional to shadow once or twice a week on a consistent basis.  When you reapply, you want to be able to show that you have an idea what you’ll be getting into, and clinical exposure often solidifies one’s interest for a medical career, and gives unique experiences to draw from when you write your personal statement.You might even consider a medical / dental mission trip!
2. RETAKE THE MCAT / DAT:  Maybe you didn’t take adequate time ( some expert recommend at least 3 solid months and as much as 6 months) to prepare for these exams.  Maybe you were working  during the summer while you prepared for the test.  Maybe you took it during the school year with a heavy courseload.  Whatever the reason, if your MCAT score was less than the average for accepted students (30 – 32) or your DAT score was less than 19, then planning to retake it wouldn’t be a bad idea. This time, take a prep class, and shut out everything else in your life while you prepare.  Think of it as an investment in your future, because it is!
3.  SOUL SEARCHING AND PRAYING.   Another important thing to do during this interim period is some soul searching.  Think long and hard about whether or not medicine or dentistry is truly what you want to do.  What might seem like a delay might just be God’s way of redirecting you to where He wants you to be.  Medicine and dentistry aren’t the only two options for a fulfilling future in healthcare.  Have you considered podiatry, chiropractic medicine, naturopathic medicine, public health, physician assistant or nurse practitioner, nurse anesthesist ?

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