The Most Important Thing….

As you make your way along the path of becoming a healthcare professional, there are many things this site can offer you  to guide you along the way. We’ve written about the AMCAS application, good summer programs to consider, what it takes to become a pharmacist  etc. However, despite all that, we have yet to provide you with the most important advice that can or will ever be provided on this site.

The life of a professional school student is one  where you always feel like “so much to do yet so little time”  You’ll need to make time to eat,  time to sleep, time to study ( lots and lots and lots of time) and time to relax, but somewhere in between all that I implore you to make time for God! This is the most important piece of advice that this site can offer you!

Pursuing your professional goals is important, but never forget that it is not the most important business that you are to be about on a daily basis.  Your first business is to seek God. Why?  Well firstly, this earth is not our final home.  ( ‘nough said)  Secondly, as you seek God daily and develop and perfect a relationship with Him; your journey, though tough, will be easier than it would have been without Him. Your relationship with God will keep you positive and give you strength as you navigate one of the most challenging periods of your life. A positive outlook will enhance your productivity and ability to absorb what you are required to learn.  As you spend time with God, you will hear Him  guide you regarding where to apply and where to accept an admission offer. You will remember that you are called to do what  it is you are pursuing and thus by design, equipped for whatever academic challenges come your way.  When you face particularly difficult times ( known as block finals) , just by looking to the Lord and casting the burden of your future on Him, you can walk into exams with a sense of relief, knowing that your success is not all resting on your feeble shoulders.

Am I saying that having a relationship with God means you don’t have to work hard? Absolutely not; but like Matthew 6:33 says seek ye FIRST the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things ( academic success, favor with your superiors, miraculous outcomes of seemingly impossible situations, etc, etc) shall be added unto you.

So as the end of the school year nears and as some of you look forward to starting professional school in the fall, or entering a new and more challenging year of college, don’t forget what’s the most important thing.



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