Summer Reading List

June 6, 2012

The summer is under way and I hope everyone has been enjoying time off from school.  Congratulations to all the 2012 graduates and best wishes to those who will be starting professional / graduate school in the fall.    Over the next two months, our posting schedule will be a bit more relaxed :), but we will be back to providing you with information to guide you on your journey come August.  During the summer  our med student bloggers, Keandrea and NaTacha will still be onboard letting us know of their adventures.   Be sure to look out for KiKi’s posts about her mission trip in Ethiopia, and I”m sure Tacha will continue to work hard and play hard over in the UK.

While you’re prepping for the  MCAT, DAT, or PCAT, conducting research and participating in enrichment / prep programs, take some time to do some light reading 🙂  Being well read will be a tremendous asset to you as your prepare for the passages on your preprofessional entrance exams, and will also be an asset on interviews, as you may get an interviewer who wants to know about the last, or best book you’ve ever read.   By no means is this list extensive, its just a place to start; and by no means, do we think that the only books worth reading are those related to medicine, however, within this subculture of which you are now a part, certain things are recommended.

Below is a good list to start choosing from. Happy reading!

First Do No Harm, Lisa Belkin Account of decisions made in the cases of several patients in the mid to late 1980’s by the hospital ethics committee at Hermann Hospital in Houston.

The Pact: Three Young Men Make a Promise and Fulfill a Dream. Sampson Davis. The story of three young boys who made a pact while growing up in crime ridden Newark, New Jersey that they would make something of themselves. Two became doctors and one a dentist.

The Intern Blues. Robert Marion, M.D. Stories of three interns who kept diaries of their internship

Finally…I’m a Doctor. Neil Shulman. A hilarious novel based on the author’s experiences as a young

The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down. Anne Fadimar. Story of Lia Lee, a young Hmong immigrant who developed symptoms of epilepsy and was left brain-dead after a tragic cycle of misunderstanding, overmedication and culture clashes between the medical community and her family.

House of God. Samuel Sham. A hilarious novel about six interns who saw themselves as modern “saviors to be” making the adjustment from “top of their class in medical school to bottom of the hospital staff as interns”.

Mountains Beyond Mountains, Tracy Kidder. Story of Dr. Paul Farmer, MD/PhD and his work in Haiti treating infectious diseases.

Elders, Joycelyn. From Sharecropper’s Daughter to Surgeon General of the USA

Better: A Surgeon’s Notes on Performance by Dr. Atul Gawande

Kill as Few Patients as Possible: and Fifty-Six Other Essays on How to be the World’s Best Doctor by Dr. Oscar London, MD, WBD

How Doctors Think by Dr. Jerome Groopman, M.D.