Following God’s Lead

*Letting go and following God’s lead is a common feature in the pursuit of any dream.  Josh Onyango, gives us an inside look on his experiences doing research and studying for the MCAT this summer*

So there I sat staring at this key. How can such a small object have so much influence? This irregularly shaped metal object opens the door into motion allowing the passenger to get to a desired destination. Several times I thought to myself, “Maybe I shouldn’t do this. Once I start then I have to keep driving. What if I don’t really want to experience the thrill of stepping on that gas pedal? Maybe I’ve dreamt the wrong dream.

Then my Father chimes in, as if my thoughts were as loud my neighbor’s stereo, “Son, trust me. Have I ever led you the wrong way?” Then it hit me, every time I did wonder down the wrong alley, it was because I didn’t listen to Him.

I do Dad, but…I don’t trust myself. “You don’t have to. Just trust me. Go ahead, start the car.” So here I am getting ready to start the car; the one that I’ll use to drive into my future of comforting people through medicine.

At first I debated if I should do a program or just study by myself, but Dad answered that question for me. Out of the blue, one of the professors tells me of this summer research opportunity that I should look into. This was great because I desired to get another research experience to determine if I’d like to go through with the MD/PhD route. So I applied and was blessed with an acceptance a few weeks later, which meant that I’d have to start my MCAT studying during the semester. “Do push-ups while treading water? No problem.” So I did.

As you can imagine this was no easy feat. I decided to at least focus on something attainable. So I put my attention on Physics and General Chemistry since I was tutoring Organic Chemistry and taking a Physiology course. And I strived to take AAMC tests bi-weekly. So many things happened that semester. I feel like I had to drink a gallon of character growth all while trying to do MCAT studying. But Dad held me together. We went out for long talks several times.

As I was searching for a test date for the exam I was sort of discouraged because the nearest testing site was in North Carolina, a 5 hour drive from where I lived. So I had to concede. However, the next day as I was trying to explain the concept of a 5-hour drive to a testing site to my mom I checked again to find that one had opened up just two hours away from where I lived. Not only that, but I had family who lived 5 minutes from the actual testing site too. And it doesn’t stop there; the date was on May 31 giving me a full month to catch up on any residual studying after school ended.

You’d think I’d be done with my praise break by now, right? Nope. Then my uncle (the family that lived 5 minutes from the testing site) was a third year medical school student and just happened to have some Examkrakkers books laying around that he was willing to lend me. You know what; I’m starting to get dazed that I’m not done yet either. Then my roommate who just happened to be studying for the MCAT as well took the test before I did and was willing to lend me some of his books (which as you will soon discover where a major help).

Ok Dad, I get it. You really want me to start the car.

2 Responses to Following God’s Lead

  1. Abigail says:

    Praise God this was really encouraging Josh!

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