Transitions and new beginnings – Part 2

By now, the new school year is under way, and all the jitters and nervousness about staring a new year are out of the way.  College students weren’t the only ones preparing to  embark on a new adventure in the last few weeks.  Across the country, July 1st marked the date when brand new medical residents were hitting the wards officially as doctors and a few weeks later new medical and dental school students were picking up 500 page syllabi ( per class) in preparation for four years of training.   The excitement and anxiety associated with starting something new is universal and is just another part of the journey.  This month, we’ll hear from two alumni as they reflect on their experiences on their first day as a surgery resident and first day as a dental student.

Ashley Akins is originally for Atlanta, Georgia.  She is currently a first year dental student at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry. In her spare time she enjoys exercising, painting, cooking, watching informative documentaries, and spending time with loved ones.

 In a word, how would you describe your first day as a dental student?


 What’s your most vivid memory from that day?

My most vivid memory was initially walking into the room and meeting my first classmate, she was very kind and we clicked instantly. We have already started to build a good friendship and we study very well together too.

 How did you feel when you woke up that morning?

Anxious, whenever something new happens in my life that is a rather “big deal”, that is generally my first emotion.

How did you feel by the end of the day?

I felt eager and confident to take on my future classes.
What advice would you offer to an aspiring healthcare professional

What ever your goal is go for it and DO NOT give up! I did not get into dental school the first time around. Though my grades were good, my dental admissions test scores were not the best which resulted in me having to retake the test. This was discouraging for me, but I knew that through much prayer and fasting, this was the field where God was leading me. Additionally, I now realize that I did not get in immediately because there was some growth and personal development that need to take place in my own life before I could move to the next step. Ultimately, if you have a strong desire to go into the healthcare field or you know that God is leading you there, just trust that God has a plan for your life, be willing to work hard and be faithful to Him.


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