To SDN with love

October 23, 2012

If you are a pre-health student and you’re not familiar with (SDN) then please keep reading. I think it is easily the largest and most popular, comprehensive website for students who plan a career that involves a hospital or taking care of people whether that is as a nurse, dentist, physician, PA, NP, optometrist, chiropractor.   I’m not exactly sure how I heard about SDN, but it has definitely been an asset to me throughout my journey.  At one point, I even blogged for them when I was a first year medical student.

So here’s to you SDN, thank you for offering countless future and current healthcare professionals with invaluable information about to get in, stay in, and then thrive in the fields we have chosen.

Nine Reasons why SDN is awesome

  1. Provides  information for  many healthcare professions, not just medicine and dentistry.
  2. It connects so many different people and ideas.
  3. It’s a repository of information, opinions and perspectives.  You can post a question there and in days people from all over the world will offer their best advice ( good or bad) about what you may be growing through.
  4. The premedical glossary (LINK IT)   For the newbies who might need a little help deciphering all some of the many unapproved abbreviations in medicine.
  5. There’s practical information for what students are facing.  Like this (Best practices for overcoming obstacles)
  6. It connects you with people privately ( because in medicine, its not always easy to admit that you feel less than confident) and so you are reminded that you are not alone.  There’s always someone to celebrate with you, or nothing like realizing that you aren’t the only one who has an occasional crappy day.
  7. The  interview feedback section. Although each individual experience is different, it can offer some insight into what to expect and what hurdles other people faced, so you don’t make those same mistakes or get caught off guard.
  8. The resources, information, and forums, don’t stop when you’re done with undergrad.  There are resources for medical students, residents, and professionals as well.
  9. Physician Profiles.  I am a big proponent of learning from the experiences of others who have gone before us and are doing something we aspire to do.