Rejected; now what?

Sad Face

Despite your hard efforts, the interview invitations and acceptance letters for professional school aren’t rolling in.  First of all, you’re not alone.  Less than 50% of applicants to medical school are accepted each year, and numbers are likely similar for other professional healthcare disciplines. So despite how you may feel, know that you are not alone.  Second, this does not mean you don’t have what it takes and do not have a future has a healthcare provider.  Delays and setbacks are just that, and do not necessarily dictate the outcome of your life.

So what now?  You need a game plan!


Try and assess why you were unsuccessful in the first place.  The way to keep from making the same mistake twice is to identify what that mistake was in the first place.  Take some time to review this article on the top 6 reasons students are not successful in gaining acceptance to professional school.  Also, schedule a meeting with your academic advisor, premed advisor, mentor, or consider the services of a commercial admissions consulting service.

– Were your DAT, MCAT, PCAT scores below average?  How to know?  Research the average MCAT / DAT / PCAT and GPAs for ACCEPTED students, not applicants.

– Did you apply to a narrow range of schools?

– Did you demonstrate adequate interest in your desired field?


Realize that the majority of the reasons students are unsuccessful are things that can be remedied  ( we will post on how next week)  Here’s a sneak peak

a.  Didn’t apply to a wide range of schools?  – Seek out an advisor and apply to a wider range next year

b.  Poor academics –  Consider repeating certain classes, test prep course, post bacclaureate program

c. Got an interview, but didn’t get an acceptance letter – Work on your communication and interviewing skills.


You’re not the first or last person to be rejected for something you want with all your heart, and a rejection now does not negate your ability to be successful in the future.  In 2012, more than 25,000 applicants did not gain acceptance to medical school.  Don’t give up on your dream. However, it’s important that you take some time to reflect on your level of interest and commitment to the career you are seeking to embark upon.  A career in healthcare is a difficult and arduous task and shouldn’t be entered into without the commitment and drive that will be necessary to complete it.


Its imperative that you take time to reassess your purpose and the direction that God has for your life.  If He has already confirmed to you that the career you are pursuing is the avenue in which he believes you will be best used, then move forward in faith, knowing that being rejected now is just a setback and another lesson he wants to teach you; new faith for you to acquire.  If you are unsure of His plan, take some time to seek Him and His will.  What seemingly may be “meant for evil”  (Gen. 50: 20) God in His wisdom may mean for good and this is His way of pointing you in another direction more suitable for your talents and interests.


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