Freshman Year Fall Timeline – On your mark, get set, Go!

Fall Checklist  FOR FRESHMEN



Ahhh, freshman year of college!  I remember mine like it was yesterday 🙂  Such a fun and exciting time in a young person’s life! Outside of all the excitement, it’s the perfect time to get on the right track towards achieving your goals.  For most of you, your primary goal to this point has been to secure a spot in a professional school of your choice to pursue some health-related career, but to get there, takes a series of smaller goals along the way. Not sure what those smaller goals are or should be, here are  few ideas:

  1. Work on developing consistent study habits.  This will serve you well in undergrad and in professional school. Figure out what works for you and keep doing it!
  2. Focus on building a solid academic foundation.  Your job is to ace those first semester classes.
  3. Get involved in OBMA, SNMA, MAPS, The dental club.  These organizations will provide you with the resources, and information that will be helpful to you as your try to achieve your central goal. Also, get involved in any other organizations that may be interest to you – Yearbook, newspaper, the quiz team, Spanish club, NAPS.  Just find something that you like!    This advice isn’t limited to campus based activities either, if there are community organizations ( Boys and Girls club, etc) that spark your attention, definitely look into getting involved there as well.  A word of caution: Be sure to balance your extra-curriculars with your school work however and try not to take on TOO much.   The volume of information you are responsible for in college if usually greater than what was expected in high school so you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with extra activities.
  4. Research various medical careers and define what interests you about the field
  5. Seek out opportunities to shadow someone in your field of interest.

Study Tips

  1. Skim the information before each class, every night!  Look at major heading, read the summary at the end of the chapter if there is one available.  This makes  A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE!  I know, I know…how are you supposed to have time to do this, right?  Make the time!
  2. Be engaged in class!  Pay attention and take notes!
  3. Review after class, everyday.
  4. On the weekend, review all your notes from the week and make a concise typed weekly review sheet.
  5. Use index cards, or some other PORTABLE study tool.  Use them during your down time ( waiting around before class starts, or before chapel, or while in line in the cafeteria, while you’re sitting under the dryer in the beauty room…you get the idea 🙂
  6. Draw things out on an erasable board (or a glass sliding door or mirror…I’ve seen it done) – charts, diagrams, flowsheets.  The more times you write it out the easier things will stick.
  7. Find one or two likeminded people to study with.  Each of you has to be committed to studying, rather than socializing.   You can choose to come together and teach each other certain concepts after you have all read and had your own personal study time, or you could just be in the same room together but studying independently, then maybe at the end of your session, share and review as a group.
  8. Make up tests for yourself.  Consider doing your typed weekly review of your notes in question and answer format.


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