Sophomore Year Fall Timeline: First lap down!

Freshman year has come and gone., and by now you’ve gotten the hang of this college business, but there’s still alot of ground to cover, goals to achieve on your journey to becoming a healthcare professional.  Today’s fall timeline is just for you, detailing the specific goals you want to address as this part of your race.

Your goals for the next two to three months are:

  1. In the event that last year did not turn out as you anticipated, START FRESH AND START STRONG. Last year’s short comings do not have to define your college experience or derail your plans for a career as a healthcare professional.
  2. Continue to solidify study methods that were successful for you last year.  Stamp out any methods that weren’t so successful.
  3. Look for volunteer opportunities, extra curricular activities you enjoy, meaningful leadership opportunities.  Now that you’ve had a good taste of  college life, you have a better idea of how much time you need to study and how much time you have for extra curriculars, so get involved.  Take leadership roles where the opportunities arise.
  4.  Start looking at potential summer programs and research opportunities and keeping deadlines in mind.  Summer programs begin to accept applications around Dec, Jan.  You want to know now what the requirements are and be familiar with the application process so that when the applications open up, you’re first in line. Also, keep an eye out around the department and at club meetings for available opportunities.
  5. If you didn’t during your freshman year, begin to get some volunteer experience in your field of interest.  Reach out to area professionals for opportunities to shadow
  6. Meet with your academic advisor to make sure that you are on track not only to graduate, to have your prerequisites complete before your fall of your junior year!  You don’t want any last minute avoidable surprises that result in a delay of your application by a semester or more.



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