Senior Year Fall Timeline: Finish line in view


You are on your way!  Your hard work has paid off, but you’re not done yet.  Here are your goals for the next few months

1. If your AMCAS /  AADSAS / Pharmcas application is not submitted yet, ( and you are planning to enter professional school in August 2013)  GET IT IN ASAP!

2. If your secondary applications aren’t complete, GET THEM DONE NOW!

3. If you’re planning to retake the MCAT, PCAT, or DAT and still hope to enter professional school in Fall 2013, then I hope your application is submitted (with plans to submit your new higher score once it becomes available) and I hope you’ve been studying like crazy to ensure you get that higher score you’re looking for.

4. Start thinking about and planning for your interviews.

–          Find a nice suit.

–          Do interview prep questions

–          Research the schools you have interviews for thus far; both to find out the format of interviews they typically have and to gather information about the particular program so you can ask good questions when you’re there.

–          Schedule a mock interview with your academic advisor.

–          Bear in mind that most schools are now turning to the Multiple Mini Interview format, so try and familiarize and prepare yourself  for that style of interviewing.

5. Continue to work hard.  Yes your application may be in, and the schools won’t use these grades to determine your eligibility for professional school, but you still want to finish strong.


Pharmcas Application Deadlines for each school

AMCAS Application deadlines for each school

(A similar outline of deadlines by school for dental school was not readily available, but individual deadlines for each school you plan to apply to can be found at that particular institution’s website)

Interview Questions  (Just a sampling.  There are tons of others available on the internet)



Interview questions to ask

HealthOU post on interviewing  (scroll to the bottom for some interviewing tips)

Good luck!


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