Summer Opportunities

“Summa, Summa, Summa time  Time to sit back and unwind??…not for the aspiring prehealth student!

It’s hard to even think of the summer with it being 36 degrees outside, but trust me, it will be here before you know it.  Don’t let your summer pass you by.  Be proactive. Be prepared and keep your goal in mind ( a happy, healthy career in healthcare).  I think every summer during the academic journey of prehealth students should be filled with some meaningful activity that somehow  positively propels them in the direction of their dreams.

Before you delve into the extensive list of programs below, take a quick look at some frequently asked questions regarding summer opportunities from directors of the SMDEP program ( which I’m huge fan of!)

AAMC summer enrichment program database.  Searchable database by state, program length, institution

AAMC summer research program database.

Extensive list of research options for biomedical sciences and premed students.

List of healthcare internships abroad, for those interested in medicine, dentistry, physical therapy etc.

Texas A/M Summer predental enrichment program

UCLA Prep program (application opens up on January 1, 2014)

List of program for future dentists by Columbia

Medical / Dental programs compiled by Tufts University

Preveterinary programs compiled by Tufts University 

Public Health programs compiled by Tufts University

List of dental and overseas programs

Veterinary, Optometry, Research, even Podiatry!

UC Berkeley’s School of Optometry’s ‘Opto-Camp’ program.

Illinois College of Optometry’s Focus on Your Future Summer Program.


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