Happy National Public Health Week

April 7, 2014



Wikipedia aptly defines Public Health as the science of protecting and improving the health of communities through education, promotion of healthy lifestyles, and research for disease and injury prevention. It’s a dynamic and rewarding field of study with vast opportunities. The overall focus of public health is health promotion, and improving health and quality of life. One of the major differences between public health and clinical medicine is that public health tends to focus more on populations and groups rather than individual patients. This doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities for hands on, face – to face contact with the people you will serve. On the contrary public health professionals are instrumental in community projects and initiatives promoting breast feeding, condom distribution for control of sexually transmitted diseases, administering medications and providing education regarding tuberculosis etc.

Pursue public health if you have a genuine interest in working with people, preventative health and health promotion, have a desire to be hands on in the community, interest in policy making and having a positive effect on large groups.

Don’t get a Master’s Degree in Public Health simply because you didn’t get into professional school this year. Public Health is not a fall back plan. You’ll only incur unnecessary debt. Assess your application, and seek guidance in evaluating your application from mentors and advisors. See where you fell short and make the necessary adjustments for the upcoming application season. Most often, that means raising that entrance test score.

Check out this site for more valuable information on the field of public health.

Happy Public Health Week!