Junior Year Timeline and Supplements

I had the pleasure of speaking at last week’s OBMA meeting. Heres some of the valuable information you missed.  Dr. Vanterpool and Dr. Moss provided their insights as well!  Please make an effort to attend the meetings arranged for your benefit!

Juniors, this is an important year for you, tons to be done!. Two areas of emphasis for you are:  AMCAS activities and work page, and your personal statement. Attached are some questions to consider before you begin to write your personal statement and a sample AMCAS, activities and work experience page. The AMCAS activities and work experience section is a daunting section that will take more time than you think.  One way to save yourself the hassle is to start compiling a list of applicable experiences AS YOU DO THEM, rather than waiting till fall of your senior year to try and remember all the activities you participated in.  Attached is a sample activities and work page that you can save on your desktop and update as you engage in an extracurricular activity, while the number of house, project leader, and contact info, etc are still available .  Also, you can begin to reflect on the activities and start brainstorming ideas for a personal statement. Trust me, needing to fill out AMCAS is closer than you think!



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