Sophomore Spring Timeline

Sophomore Spring Timeline

–       Seek out opportunities for leadership on campus, preferably in an organization associated with your field of interest, but truly, any leadership role on campus will be regarded positively on your application.

–       Keep your grades up!  A strong academic record is an vital part of a competitive application.

–       Finalize your summer plans!!!!  If you don’t have any plans, make some immediately. Many students devote the summer after their sophomore year to test preparation, research, regular shadowing etc.  The bottom line is to use this valuable time well!  You do not want to be sitting at home doing nothing, or working at the Gap so you can get a good discount.  This time is for doing something that will support your application to medical, dental, graduate, pharmacy school etc.  There are many PAID research opportunities available but deadlines have past or are fast approaching so, if you have no plans lined up, find some now!

Seek out opportunities to demonstrate your interest in the field of your choice. Shadowing and volunteering during this time period will also help those who are still undecided about which path to take.

Continue working on an activity journal where you document the health related activities you have participated in. This will serve as a good foundation when you prepare to write your personal statement. Start your journal now, and keep adding it to as you engage in a new activity.

If you are planning to attend medical school, start working on and updating the Works and Activities worksheet. The works and activities worksheet is an important part of the AMCAS application. See the link to a blank works and activities form below.


Additional information and resources

AAMC overview of Works and Activities section: 

Tips for writing your most meaningful experiences description

Sample Entries for AMCAS Works and Activities Form

Activities and Work -edited


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