Spring Semester Freshman Timeline


Contrary to popular belief, preparing for admission to the prehealth school of your choice doesn’t start in one’s junior year.  For you guys, it starts right now!  The habits you form or break now, and energy and work you put in during these two very important years will help to propel you to the future you desire as a full fledged doctor / dentist / chiropractor / pharmacist / epidemiologist, etc etc.  Make this time count!  Use these years well, and the requirements during your junior and senior years will be so much easier.

– Keep those grades up. Last semester you had a chance to see how different studying in college is from studying in high school. By now, you should have an idea of what study techniques work and which ones don’t. Continue to hone those skills, as they will be useful to you throughout the rest of your academic career.

Seek out opportunities to demonstrate your interest in the field of your choice. Shadowing and volunteering during this time period will also help those who are still undecided about which path to take.

Finalize your plans for the summer! Apply to summer programs that provide research experience, exposure to the health professions.  Be sure to select summer opportunities or research programs that are related to your field of interest.  If you opt for a program that is not overtly medical, be sure to pursue something that demonstrate a prolonged interest in another activity, but still make time for something healthcare related as well.

-Consider working as a CNA, scribe, phlebotomist, or volunteering at a hospital, clinic during the summer. This will provide exposure to the medical field.

Start working on an activity journal where you document the health related activities you have participated in. This will serve as a good foundation when you prepare to write your personal statement. Start your journal now, and keep adding it to as you engage in a new activity.

How to keep an activity journal


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