Welcome to healthou.wordpress.com.

This site was devised to promote, support and motivate prehealth students at Oakwood University as they navigate the process of completing undergrad and entering into a variety of careers in the health profession.  Most recent statistics show that less than 10% of U.S. physicians are people of color. With increasing concerns over the impending physician shortage, it is imperative that focused initiatives  are implemented and supported to increase the number of minorities in healthcare;  who makeup a large part of the  primary care workforce.

The goal of this site is to encourage and support students who are currently interested in pursuing a career in healthcare through informal advising, alumni profiles, discussions of relevant topics and articles.  We also hope to open the eyes of premed students to the other options that exist in the healthcare field outside of medicine and dentistry. Finally, we hope to serve  as an effective networking tool between current and former prehealth students from Oakwood University, recognizing that success in healthcare hinges on the support of mentors and motivators.

We trust and hope that you will find the information presented to be of value, and that the ultimate goal will be achieved; to give glory to God through the ministry of healing.

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