PremedLife Magazine

October 17, 2012

HealthOU’s mission is to provide students with information they need to succeed in their journey to becoming a healthcare professional.  We recognize that that information doesn’t necessarily have to originate from our site, and so, we are often keeping our eyes and ears open for new resources, websites etc that may be of value to our readership. Recently, I stumbled across Premedlife magazine, an online magazine published bimonthly and provides articles tailored to the life, needs and basic interests of premedical students.

The September/ October Issue of premed life magazine is chockfull of valuable information whether you’re a freshman or senior.    

 Here’s a quick rundown

–  On pages 14 – 27, you’ll find an list of post baccalaureate programs by state.

–  If you can squeeze in some time for leisurely reading (which I encourage) , consider one of the options listed  on page 5)

–  Ever heard of physiatry?  If not, page 51 offers a glimpse into this medicine subspecialty.

– Pages 30 – 32, discuss the ever important topic of how to fund medical school

– Taking the MCAT in the near future?  Then make sure to read : 5 Things I wish I knew before taking the MCAT on page 45

The Newsbites section has quick reads on the primary care physician shortage, physician satisfaction,

And while you’re at, take some time to look at a previous article from PremedLife  on How Smart Students Study