Welcome Back

January 20, 2013

Welcome back!  Happy new year!  I hope by now, you’re well rested and get getting settled ettled into the new semester.  A new semester is always an exciting time because you can start fresh, break old habits and make new ones and continue to launch forth on your path to success!  Embrace this moment and use it well!   As promised, this year HealthOU’s focus is the same, your success and providing you with the information, motivation, and inspiration to achieve your goals.


We’re glad you’ve taken us with you into 2013 and hope to be there to cheer you on and celebrate the victories once they’re won!  We will am to keep our same posting schedule this year, every Monday and Thursday. Please let us know via email (healthou.org@gmail.) or facebook if there are any questions or topics you want us to address. Look out for our next post this coming Thursday, where we’ll be here from an alumni who took her dreams of pursuing a career in healthcare outside the box.

Until then, blessings to you,