Welcome! Welcome!

Help me welcome, two new contributors to HealthOU, Ms. Natacha Pierre and Ms. KeAndrea Titer.

Tacha is a Haitian sensation, who LOVES to travel.  She’s lived in Korea,  visited more countries than she can count on her hands ( and maybe even feet) and loves trying new things. She brings with her the unique perspective of being an international medical student.  After doing her pre-clinical years in England and St. Maarten,  she is now starting her clinical training.  She’s a great writer, very insightful and is sure to bring both entertaining and informative information to HealthOU.

Our second contributor / blogger is KeAndrea ( KiKI) Titer, a first year medical student at Loma Linda University School of Medicine.  She hails from Florida and carries a contagious passion for helping to increase the number of successful grad / professional school applicants from Oakwood University.  She along, with other members of the outgoing senior class in the Biology department took an active role in trying to motivate and advise underclassmen about the tools for success when applying to medical / dental school.  She’s excited about living in California and getting one step closer to pursuing her dream and the one thing she can’t live without (after God, of course) is cookie dough ice cream 🙂

Please join me in welcoming them both to the HealthOU family and be sure to check out their first posts in the coming weeks!

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