Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from HealthOU !!!!!

We’re excited that you plan to continue utilizing this resource in the upcoming year.    The last half of 2011 was an exciting one for us!  We successfully launched healthou.wordpress.com on August 31 with our inaugural post Why So Few Blacks in Medicine,  and since then have posted over 22 entries featuring information relevant to pre-health students navigating the process to professional school.

Some other highlights include:

1.  Installation of two medical student bloggers, KeAndrea a first year and NaTacha a 3rd year.

2.  Reached our 1000 view mark in less than 3 months.

3.  Remembered World Aids Day with Oakwood alum and current SNMA president, Michael Knight.

2011 was not only exciting for us, but also for the Oakwood Biology Department who had tremendous success at the 2011 ABRCMS conference, where they secured 9 awards; saw their largest graduating class ever, and received multiple acceptances to professional school.

In the coming months, we hope to continue to provide relevant information, motivation, and inspiration to you; our readers. We will talk about finding love and balancing relationships during professional school, discuss the importance of mentorship, feature some of our “medical families”, and continue to hear the personal experiences of our student bloggers Tacha and KiKi as they finish up 3rd and 1st year.

We are excited about what 2012 has to offer and hope that you will continue to utilize the resources we provide throughout this year.  If there is any topic or feature, that you would like to know more about, or question you may have to help you successfully enter the next phase of your career, do not hesitate to contact us at healthou.org@gmail.com or on our facebook page.  Be sure to spread the word to your colleagues if you find our content to be valuable.

Blessings to you in the upcoming year,


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