New Bloggers!

HealthOU is pleased to announce the addition who will be chronicling their experiences this summer as they pursue research and tackle the MCAT.   Check out Josh Onyango’s  first post below as he does research at the University of Washington and stay tuned for future posts throughout the  summer.

Your first time driving a car; do you remember how it felt? All those years of longing to go to the candy, sports or clothing store, maybe even a friend’s house, but feeling handcuffed to your house. And between you and that destination lies a vast body of water for which it was impossible to swim across. Then you finally get the news that soon you will be in possession of a magical passport they call a “drivers’ licence.” Suddenly the world doesn’t seem so large anymore. You see yourself boldly racing through streets with sunglasses that would make the men in black feel intimidated.

However before any of these grand adventures you must first get in the car and learn to drive. There you are with miles of dirt road to the front and rear, and empty grasslands on either side. The sun stares attentively, and the trees hold their breath as your Father hands you the key. All those dreams of traveling the world, stocking up on candy, going to slumber parties, and getting the newest shoes the day they’re released, all compacted into this key that is now resting on your finger tips. All that’s left is to ignite the car.

This is exactly how I felt at the beginning of my summer. I was facing the MCAT exam and the beginning of my medical school application. The dreams of comforting a hurting family, making a child laugh after a vaccine, or being endowed with the capability to restore life (physically, mentally, and spiritually), all compacted into this one summer which my Father places into my hand and says, “Start the car.”

You know Dad, I’m having second thoughts. Maybe traveling isn’t my thing. I mean, I’ll miss mom’s cooking. How about all those other cars out there? Some of those guys drive so recklessly. What if I get hit? You wouldn’t want that, would you? Whoa! Did you just see that Ferrari?! How am I supposed to compete with that?!! It’s clear Dad. I should stay home. I’ll be good. I’ll help clean up the plates and give mom moral support as she washes them.

“Just start the car son. What’s out there doesn’t matter. I’m here and I’m not going anywhere.”

He always wins; I just don’t understand how he does it.

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